4 Safest Neighborhoods in Alexandria for Your Highline Car

Safest Neighborhoods in Alexandria
Image via Flickr by M 93
Have you ever parked outside a restaurant and honestly wondered if your wheels will still be on your car when you get out? It’s not a comfortable feeling, especially if you’ve just invested in a new highline car. So, what can you do to avoid that situation? Well, you could avoid cities, which tend to have pockets of higher and lower crime rates, or you could educate yourself aboutwhere those pockets are and navigate accordingly. For example, here are four of the safest neighborhoods in Alexandria, Virginia.


The median home price in Collingwood is $841,305, which is in the 98th percentile for most expensive homes in the United States. In fact, only 0.3 percent of neighborhoods in America are wealthier. As of this article, the Collingwood / Wellington area has a 0.0 percent vacancy rate — something that’s all but unmatched in the rest of the country. Not only does that mean that houses in Collingwood are a pretty secure investment, it means that there are literally no vacant houses for vagrants to occupy.  It would be challenging to find a safer place to drive your highline vehicle.

Braddock / Braddock Heights

The Braddock / Braddock Heights area is similar to Collingwood in many respects. Although home values are a little lower at $701,244, they are still in the top 1 percent (or rather, the top 0.5 percent to be precise) of wealthy neighborhoods. Driving a highline car here is actually the norm. As you cruise the streets, you’ll see plenty of Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, and Lexuses parked in long driveways with well-manicured lawns. Your car would be perfectly safe driving through Braddock because you will blend right in!

Rose Hill

Descending from the heights of extreme wealth, you can still find extremely safe places to drive and park your highline car, such as the charming upper-middle-class suburb of Rose Hill. According to Neighborhood Scout, this is one of the safest neighborhoods in Alexandria. Perhaps it’s because many of the people living in Rose Hill are full-time government employees, which likely provides both a sense of income stability and civic duty. It also probably doesn’t hurt that there is a higher density of active military members in Rose Hill than in 98 percent of the rest of the nation.

Harrison Ln / Kings Hwy

While still extremely affluent, Harrison Ln / Kings Hwy houses are closer in price to Rose Hill than Braddock or Collingwood. Weighing in at an average home price of $435,046, you can still be certain about your highline car in this neighborhood. This is particularly true if you believe in any kind of correlation between intelligence and honesty because 31 percent of the Harrison Ln / Kings Hwy residents have an advanced degree (a master’s, PhD, law degree, etc.), and it’s a favored spot for affluent college students. So, there you go. If you want to be extraordinarily careful with your new car, these four neighborhoods in Alexandria, Virginia, are all extremely safe.