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Do Teslas Really Help Save Money?

All electric, fast, and lots of luxury bells and whistles. That describes Tesla’s overall mantra. But do you really save money on an all-electric vehicle? The answer might surprise you. The Base Cost Before 2017, buying one of Tesla’s three available models was in the high five-figure range, and well into the six-figure range if… Read more »

5 Reasons the Porsche Macan is the Perfect Car for D.C. Drivers

The Porsche Macan is a luxury crossover SUV that offers plenty of style and performance. If you’re looking for a new vehicle that can enhance your driving experience around Washington, D.C., discover the top reasons the Macan is the vehicle for you. Plenty of Transport Options If you plan on loading up the family for… Read more »

Rolls-Royce Offers Stealth and Style in the 2018 Phantom

The builders of the Ghost, Wraith, and Phantom are into silent and mysterious forces. The mystery behind the 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom is: “How is this 563 horsepower V12 beast so comfortable and quiet while charging from zero-to-60 in five seconds?”

Why Rolls Will Never Go Hybrid (Or Autonomous)

Most of the world’s automakers are pursuing two goals: self-driving vehicles and hybrid-electric powertrains. But Rolls-Royce is not and has never been like most automakers. Is Rolls-Royce looking to build autonomous cars? Maybe it already is. “We’re the world’s oldest autonomous brand,” says head designer Giles Taylor. Most of their clients have chauffeurs and are… Read more »

The 3 Best Luxury SUVs for Alexandria

In the last few years, the market for luxury SUVs and crossovers has exploded, and they’re now a common sight on the streets of Alexandria, Virginia. No longer are SUVs simply for soccer moms — as the following cars demonstrate, they’re among the most desirable vehicles on the road today. 2017 Range Rover TD6 Range… Read more »

5 New 2016 Luxury Cars Within Your Reach

Image via Flickr by ZytonitsLuxury cars are known not only for their sleek exteriors and interiors, among many other quality aspects, but also for the hefty price tag that typically accompanies them. However, the 2016 model year has introduced some of the most affordable and high-quality luxury cars ever put on the market. Get excited… Read more »

Coupe or Sedan: 4 Things to Consider Before You Make Your Choice

Image via Flickr by Axion23By definition, the difference between a coupe and a sedan is essentially onlydetermined by size. A sedan needs to have interior space of at least 33 cubic feet, while a coupe has less than 33 cubic feet. Although that is the standard definition, there are other variables that sway a person… Read more »

6 Things to Do to Prep Your Car For Fall/Winter

Image via Flickr by OregonDOTAs summer gives way to the crisp winds of fall, it’s important to take a break from pumpkin spiced bliss and address the more mundane concerns of this season. Cold weather presents many challenges for your car, and proper maintenance is essential in this season to prepare for the snow, ice,… Read more »

The Top 4 Proven Strategies to Help Prevent Teen Car Crashes

Image via Flickr by State FarmIf you’re reading this, chances are you have a teen that is a new driver. It’s a scary subject for all parents. You trust your kids and you want to trust the safety of your neighborhood’s streets and your city’s highways, but you need to stay realistic – accidents happen…. Read more »

The Top 4 Luxury Car Sound Systems to Get You Through D.C. Traffic

Image via Flickr by JanitorsWashington, D.C. has its beauty and history, but like any city, it also has its traffic. The U.S. capital city’s traffic tops the list of complaints for many locals, and for good reason. The traffic in the nation’s capital tends to be jam-packed, slow and, most of all, noisy.