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Why Own a Luxury Vehicle? Four Benefits Regular Cars Do Not Offer

Luxury vehicles come with luxury price tags, but there are some amazing benefits you aren’t going to get with your standard car. These four benefits of owning a luxury car prove you get more than an amazing car when you buy top-shelf. On-Demand Service

The Best Cars for Under $100K

Some people can spare more for a car than others, but even when your upper limit is higher than that of other folks, that doesn’t mean you want to put down six figures on a vehicle. If you can afford a luxury vehicle but you don’t want to spend more than $100,000, you should know… Read more »

The Most Affordable 500+ HP Rides in DC

Most extremely powerful sports cars are expensive, with features and luxury brand names that drive up the price. However, if all you’re looking for is a powerful sports car, there are several options that are likely within your budget. Here are some of the most affordable sports cars you can find in the Washington, DC… Read more »

The 3 Sportiest Luxury Cars

Some people buy a luxury car for the opulent interior and up-to-the-minute technology; others are looking for power, prestige, and amazing handling. Of course, those who choose luxury sports cars expect it all, and this year’s crop of saucy coupes and sporty sedans don’t disappoint. If you’re in the market for a statement car that’s… Read more »

4 Best Luxury Cars to Take Skiing

Luxury vehicles don’t have to stop at the edge of the city. While you won’t be taking these vehicles off-roading, many luxury cars are built to endure more than just busy surface streets. If you want to stay warm and have the room for your equipment when you take a weekend ski trip outside of… Read more »

Luxury Cars for Beginners

Luxury cars have always had a tendency to cause us to drool over them but then dismiss owning them as a dream that will never come true. The price of luxury cars has created a reputation that tends to tie these vehicles with the ostentatious upper class. Fortunately,

5 New 2016 Luxury Cars Within Your Reach

Luxury cars are known not only for their sleek exteriors and interiors, among many other quality aspects, but also for the hefty price tag that typically accompanies them. However, the 2016 model year has introduced some of the most affordable and high-quality luxury cars ever put on the market. Get excited because the five following… Read more »

Coupe or Sedan: 4 Things to Consider Before You Make Your Choice

By definition, the difference between a coupe and a sedan is essentially only determined by size. A sedan needs to have interior space of at least 33 cubic feet, while a coupe has less than 33 cubic feet. Although that is the standard definition, there are other variables that sway a person toward a sedan… Read more »

6 Things to Do to Prep Your Car For Fall/Winter

As summer gives way to the crisp winds of fall, it’s important to take a break from pumpkin spiced bliss and address the more mundane concerns of this season. Cold weather presents many challenges for your car, and proper maintenance is essential in this season to prepare for the snow, ice, and dropping temperatures ahead…. Read more »