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Do I Really Need My Brakes Flushed?

Image via Flickr by Thomas Nes MyhreGo ahead. Admit it. Whenever you take your car to get serviced, you’re afraid you’re going to get swindled and told to replace everything under the hood for no good reason. The people who do this give good mechanics a bad name.

6 Smells That You Need to Learn

Understanding these painless ways to diagnosing your vehicle is the first step to learning how to work on your own car. Bypassing the need to disassemble an engine bay to discover a problem well save plenty of time so you can get back to watching Amazing Race.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Image via Flickr by BossiWhen you’re ready to take on spring cleaning tasks, don’t leave your car out of the cleanliness equation. From a shiny exterior to a spotless interior, keeping a clean ride is just as important as keeping a clean house. Here is a glove box full of tips that’ll help you effectively… Read more »

Essential DIY Jobs for Car Owners

Image via Flickr by First Stop – Bridgestone UK’s Tyre Retail NetworkThe high cost of routine car maintenance can tempt many Americans to skip their scheduled services. However, this can be a costly mistake, as the annual bill for accidents resulting from poorly maintained vehicles tops two billion dollars. You can stay safe and save… Read more »

Are You Destroying Your Car?

Image via Flickr by AJ HillSo you finally purchased a new car. Now what? Unfortunately, for many car owners, that question never gets answered. Bad maintenance habits alarmingly depreciate the value of cars. Not to mention, purchasing a car, especially if opting for a new car, generally falls second only to a home in investment… Read more »

Car Wheel Close-Up: The Difference Between Wheels

Image via Flickr by DrivingSpiritCar wheels, also known as rims come in all sizes, designs and materials. It can be confusing for some to understand the difference between the various types of wheels. Here, we provide you with a short education car rims and wheels.

How to Check Your Oil

Guy checking his own oil.Cars are now made to be able to go a lot longer in between oil changes. Where it used to be we needed our oil changed every 3,000 miles or so, now are designed to go as long as 5,000-7,000 miles. This makes it even more important for you to take… Read more »

Where To Find Vehicle Recall Information

Whenever you purchase a new car, there is the chance that you may have to bring it in for a recall notice. Often these recalls are minor, but sometimes they are major safety issues. That is why it’s important to know where to check to find out if your new or gently used car has… Read more »

4 Tips to Beat the Heat in Your Car

We all know that the summer heat can be brutal, especially in your car. Not only is it a quick way to ruin a candy bar, that extreme heat is dangerous for you and your family. You can make your ride a little more comfortable by following these simple steps to decrease the temperature in… Read more »