Why Own a Luxury Vehicle? Four Benefits Regular Cars Do Not Offer

Luxury vehicles come with luxury price tags, but there are some amazing benefits you aren’t going to get with your standard car. These four benefits of owning a luxury car prove you get more than an amazing car when you buy top-shelf.

On-Demand Service


Image via Flickr by SharPx

Going on a road trip with the in-laws and your Bentley Continental won’t quite fit everyone? No problem. Ring up Bentley and they will bring over a Mulsanne to give everyone a bit more room on the trip. Bentley owners can use the on-demand service when traveling, at home, or in any case where a different model would be more suitable for your plans.

If the Bentley on-demand service isn’t enough for you, try Bugatti. Bugatti offers a 24/7 concierge service for all of its owners. The service will monitor your car and if anything is wrong they will fly someone in to fix it. You can also use the service to find restaurants in a new city and make reservations.

Luxury Repair Service

Wrecked your Jaguar three states away from your house? No problem. Jaguar provides a valet service to take you home and get your vehicle to a qualified repair shop.

Jaguar is also very picky about the repairers they work with. Repairers must come to their factory and be trained by Jaguar to be certified. If the shop you take your car to isn’t certified, Jaguar won’t even send them the parts.

Barry Dorn of Dorn’s Body and Paint, a Jaguar certified shop, said “We offer valet service within five states, and more than once we have had to send two tow trucks to an uncertified shop. One to pick up the body of the car, and one to pick up the parts”

You will not get that level of assistance with a regular car.

The Latest Technology

High-end cars are packed with the latest technology. Ferrari’s grand touring FF model now comes armed with 4RM four-wheel steering package. This means two transmissions and better steering in any weather conditions. Want to take your Ferrari out in the snow? The 4RM system will make adjustments to give you better traction and steering.

Porsche’s 4D-Chassis Control system is another example of amazing technology. This system automatically senses pitch, roll, and yaw and adjusts the suspension to give you the best ride possible on any road condition.

Regular cars might come with impact sensors, but they aren’t going to adjust the ride or steering depending on the road conditions.

The Interior Experience

From the buttery soft leather to the entertainment systems, riding in a luxury car is far more than nice, it’s an experience all its own. Designers want you to feel the luxury at each and every touch point of the vehicle. The shifter, heated seats, contoured dash, music systems that learn what music you like, and real-time navigation systems are all standard in luxury vehicles.

Ride in a luxury car once and you will realize how many features you never knew were important. High-end car companies know their buyers want more than just a car. They want a feeling, an image, an experience like no other, and luxury car manufacturers are happy to provide it.