Is the BMW or Mercedes-Benz the Luxury Car For You?

BMW Vs. Mercedes-Benz

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Choosing Your Used Luxury Car: BMW vs Mercedes-Benz Models in Alexandria, VA

When it’s time to take home your next luxury car or SUV, two of the most highly regarded premium brands are BMW and Mercedes-Benz. While both of these brands are at the top of the charts regarding luxury driving experiences, the two approach delivering that premium experience in different ways that can decide which one is better for your individual tastes. At Select Auto Imports, we’ll help you discern how BMW and Mercedes-Benz compare so you can decide which used luxury models are right for your Washington, DC travels.

BMW: The Driver’s Luxury Car

The tagline "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is something that BMW takes seriously, and the result is that all of their vehicles have an inherent sense of sportiness about them. Even the larger luxury models like the BMW X7 and BMW 7 Series luxury sedan come with top-notch engineering that makes for an engaging drive and excellent handling feedback so you always know what the wheels are doing. You'll also find interiors that are more suited to spirited driving with sport seats that hold you in place and keep you supported as you carve through the corners.

If you're the type of driver that loves to take control and attack the road, a used BMW model will be better suited to your driving style. The sport-tuned suspension settings and performance-oriented features that come with each BMW model will give you the feel you're looking for, while clever damping and shocks keep the ride smooth and enjoyable when you get to rougher terrain. BMW models also look aggressive, with their narrowed LED headlights, sharp character lines, and wide track settings that give each model an imposing road presence.

How Mercedes-Benz and BMW Are Similar

We’ll start by looking at how BMW and Mercedes-Benz are similar, so you can put aside the factors that align these brands with one another. Both brands feature 2.0-liter turbocharged engines in their smaller sports cars, and twin-turbo six-cylinder and eight-cylinder power in their larger and more premium offerings. Both have their own in-house motorsport brands that develop unique sports cars and high-performance SUVs. With BMW you’ll have the legendary M Performance division, while Mercedes-AMG has taken the racing world by storm for generations. And with both, you’ll have luxury sedans, sporty coupes and convertibles, and premium SUV models to choose from when seeking the perfect premium vehicle for your Arlington, VA drives.

Mercedes-Benz: For the Discerning Driver

While Mercedes-Benz performance can certainly hold it's own, the ethos of this luxury brand is much more focused around a premium luxury cabin experience. You'll find more standard luxury features like heated and ventilated seats, multi-zone automatic climate control, and premium leather upholstery options when you choose a used Mercedes-Benz model from us in Alexandria. Whether you're getting the CLA coupe or a three-row luxury SUV like the GLS, you'll find a sense of grandeur about the cabin with unique ambient interior lighting, wraparound wood trim, and warmer neutral tones that make you feel right at home.

You'll also enjoy suspension settings that are more tuned for comfort than performance, helping you float over the bumps and isolating you from the world around you. AMG-tuned models can certainly deliver a high-performance drive, but standard Mercedes-Benz models won't give you the sportiness of a BMW, instead favoring high-class comfort and convenience.

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