Select Certification Process at Select Auto Imports

Our Certification is the most impressive in the industry because it is comprised of 2 parts:

Physical Inspection & Mechanical Inspection.
1.    Every car has gone through a Complete & Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection by our trained technicians to confirm the quality of the Engine, Transmission, Differential, Tires, Brakes, Suspension & Electrical components.
Most of our Certified cars are still under FULL Manufacturer Warranty, providing you a complete peace of mind.
2.    Every Certified car is also checked out to confirm the structural integrity of the automobiles.

We guarantee for you in writing that our car has NEVER had any frame damage or body panel replacements. Almost all other dealerships & other certification programs simply rely on the CARFAX report to verify accident history.
Our experience has shown that most accidents nationwide are NOT reported to CARFAX and therefore a lot of dealerships may sell accidental cars as Certified and they are not under any legal obligations to disclose those accidents to the clients.

On contrast, we not only provide you with the CARFAX report but also provide you with an additional peace of mind: A written guarantee from us CERTIFYING our car has never had any Frame Damage, Body Panel Replacements or Flood Damage.

We provide an option for our clients to choose if they would like to have an extended warranty & for how long & how many miles!
We custom tailor an extended warranty PKG suitable to YOUR needs for up to 6 YEARS from the day you buy the car or all the way up to 125,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Our extended warranty programs are accepted & honored at any dealership nationwide & are fully transferable to subsequent owners or can be cancelled at any time for any reason for a "Pro Rated" refund.